1. Isador Kaplan (b.about 1884 or 1887-Livonia or Russia;d.Abt 1968)
    + Rebecca Lutchsky (d.Abt 1969)
        2. Bernard Kaplan (b.7 Nov 1914;d.Jan 1973-FL)
            + Meryl Shapiro (b.Abt 1919-CT)
        2. Morris Kaplan



1. Samuel Luchansky (b.Abt 1852-Russia)
    + Bessie Quikow (b.Abt 1853-Russia;m.Abt 1870)
        2. Rose Luchansky (b.Abt 1878-Russia;d.31 Jul 1956-New London,CT)
            + Benjamin Dean (b.23 Apr 1875-Russia;m.Abt 1897;d.Bef 1949)
                3. Elizabeth Dean (b.Abt 1898-Russia)
                3. Lena Dean (b.Abt 1900)
                3. Irving or Isadore Dean (b.Abt 1900)
                3. Louis Dean (b.Abt 1904-CT)
                3. Ceil Dean (b.Abt 1906-CT)
                    + Palmer
                3. Harold Dean (b.20 Nov 1910-New London,CT;d.2003)
                    + Miriam Rosnick (m.26 Nov 1944)
                3. Morris Dean (b.Abt 1911-CT)
        2. Elizabeth Laika Luchansky (b.Abt 1884;d.22 Oct 1976)
            + Hyman Rutman (b.Abt 1879;m.Abt 1903;d.7 Aug 1949)
                3. Harold Rutman (b.Abt 1905-CT or Russia)
                3. Charles or Clarence Rutman (b.Abt 1909-CT)
                3. Beatrice or Betty Rutman (b.Abt 1920-CT)
                3. Robert Rutman (b.Abt 1925-CT)
                    + Joan Goldberg (b.17 Nov 1929-West Hartford,CT;m.1 Jul 1951;d.2 Sep 2005-New London,CT)
        2. Celia Luchansky (b.Abt 1892-Russia;d.22 Feb 1944)
            + Bernard Wiener (b.Abt 1889-Russia;d.12 Sep 1949)
                3. Bernard Wiener (b.Abt 1913-NY)
                3. Beatrice Wiener (b.Abt 1921-CT)
                3. Arthur Wiener (b.Abt 1923-CT)
                3. Zelya Wiener (b.Abt 1929-CT)
        2. Rebecca Luchansky (b.Abt 1894-Russia;d.Abt 1969)
            + Isadore Kaplan (b.June 6, 1885 or 1886-Livonia or Russia; m. 4 Jun 1991; d.27 Jan 1968)
                3. Bernard Benjamin Kaplan (b.7 Nov 1914;d.10 Jan 1973-FL)
                    + Meryl Merril Shapiro (b.27 Sep 1918-New haven,CT;d.21 Oct 1981)
                3. Morris Kaplan (d.1993-New London,CT)
        2. Anna Luchansky (b.Abt 1894-Russia;d.1980)
            + Simon Shifreen (b.1887-Russia;m.Abt 1916;d.1964)
                3. Selma B. Shifreen (b.Abt 1918-CT)
                3. Ruth E. Shifreen (b.Abt 1922-CT)
                    + Abe Friedman
                3. Constance J. Shifreen (b.Abt 1928-CT)


Simons, Shapiro

1. Harris Simons (b.Abt 1862-Russia)
    + Anna (b.Abt 1861-Russia;m.Abt 1888)
        2. Joe or Jacob Simons (b.May 1890-Russia)
            + Rose
                3. Alvie Simons
                3. Diane Simons
                3. Madeline Simons
         2. Louis Simons (b.Jun 1893-CT)
             + Lena
                 3. Marion Simons
                     + Buzz Bradley
                 3. Norman Simons
                     + Sophie
         2. Barnett or Barney M. Simons (b.Dec 1894 or 1896-Russia or CT)
             + Sydell (b.Abt 1902-Russia;m.Abt 1928)
                 3. Anita Simons
         2. Gertrude Gussie Simons (b.Dec 1897-CT)
             + Aaron Shapiro (b.Abt 1894-NY;m.Abt 1916;d.1969)
                 3. Meryl Shapiro (b.Abt 1919-CT)
                     + Bernard Kaplan (b.7 Nov 1914;d.Jan 1973-FL)
                 3. Bernadine Shapiro (b.Abt 1924-CT)



Kaplan Records:

1920 census 214? Shaw Street, New London, New London, CT; ED 267;
Isador Kaplan, 36, 1904 Papers (Nat. papers), Livonia (crossed out) Russia, for all 3, Yiddish, Own, mortgage, Proprietor, Grocery Store;
Rebbacka 29, 1908 Al, Livonia (crossed out) Russia, for all 3, Yiddish;
Mourris 7, CT;
Benjiman 5, CT;
Aberham Katz, boarder, 84, 1905?, Papers, Livonia (crossed out) Russia, for all 3, Yiddish, Proprietor, dry goods.

1930 census 25 Denison Ave, New London, New London, CT; ED 33;
Isador J. Kaplan, 43, Rent $35, married at 25, Russia, Russia, Russia, immigrated 1913, merchant meat & grocery;
Rebbeca, 36, married at 17, Russia, Russia, Russia, immigrated 1919;
Morris, 18, CT, salesman, meat market;
Bernard, 15, CT.
(Immigration dates don't make sense.)

City Directories:
1918 New London, CT, Isadore J. Kaplan prop Home Hide and Tallow Co of New London office 214 Shaw h do - see p 32.
1920 New London, CT, Isadore J. Kaplan (Freeman & Kaplan) 229-233 Howard h 214 Shaw.
1923 New London, CT, Isadore J. Kaplan (Rebecca) meats and groceries 229 Howard h 214 Shaw.
1925 New London, CT, Isadore J. Kaplan (Rebecca) meats and groceries 229 Howard h 214 Shaw.
1929 New London, CT, Isadore J. Kaplan, 214 Shaw St.,
1929 New London, Grocery Retail, Isadore Kaplan, 239 Shaw St.
1949 New London, CT Isadore J (Rebecca L) bleach water 14 Willetts av h do.
1949 New London, CT, Washing Compounds, Mfrs, Isadore J. Kaplan, 14 Willetts Av.
1955 New London, CT Washing Compounds, Mfrs, Isadore J. Kaplan, 14 Willetts av.
1955 New London, CT Isadore J. Kaplan, phone Gi2-3147.
1960 New London, CT Furnished Rooms, Isadore Kaplan 132 Jefferson Av.
1960 New London, CT Washing Compounds, Mfrs, Isadore J. Kaplan, 14 Willetts av.
1965 New London, CT Washing Compounds, Mfrs, Isadore J. Kaplan, 14 Willetts av.

1949 New London, CT, Kaplan, Bernard B (Meryl) (H&G Packing Co) 132 Jefferson Av and (Harvey-Gail_ 136 do h 118 Vauxhall.
1953 New London, CT, Kaplan, Bernard (meryl) slsman and furn rms 132 Jefferson av h 39 Thames.

WWI draft cards:

Isadore Julius Kaplan 214 Shaw St, born June 6th, 1885, 33 years old, Fat collector, nearest relative Rebeca Kaplan.

Marriage record:

June 4, 1911 New London, CT
Rebecca Lutchsky, born Kochvepy, Russia, age 20, father Samuel Lutchsky, mother Bessie Quikow or Luikow.
Isador J. Kaplan, born Wolkvisk, Russia, age 25, father Harry Kaplan, mother Hetty Mustsky.

Bernard Kaplan's birth record says Rebecca's maiden name was Lachansky.

Luchansky Records:

Ellis Island records:

Arrived Aug 21, 1907 from Bremen on Friedrich Der Grosse ship;
Schmul Luzanski, 56, farm laborer, ticket paid by self; going to New London;
Selde Luzanski, 55, wife, ticket paid by husband; going to New London;
Enni Luzanski, 12 1/2, female, child, ticket paid by father; going to New London;
Scholm Rutberg (crossed out) Ratman, 18, gdson?, married?, sailor, ticket paid by self; going to New London;
David Czarnakivski, 11, ward, ticket paid by father; going to NY City;
Schleime Czarnakivski, 9, male, ward, ticket paid by father; going to NY City;
All 6 are grouped together by a squiggley line and stamped "admitted" over written "S[?]".
All 6:
    Russia, Hebrew,
    Last residence Kusovate, Russia,
    Nearest relative in old place, Schmul's brother, Riven Luzanski, Tararzoze Kiev, Russia,
    To join, ? Mrain? Czernskooski?, c/o? M? Cohen 44 Suffolk St. N. York,
    Born Kusovate, Russia.
Page 711, at end of manifest, detention:
Schmul & wf & ch, 56m, page 27, lines 5/7, 3 people (crossed out) 4, cause of detention L.P.C. Guard of #16, 2 Dr. memo., action of Board of Special Inquiries, Def. Aug 22, page 49, Admitted Aug 22, page 68, time 1:25, 4 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
David Czarnowkovski & bro, 11m, cause of detention L.P.C., all dates, etc the same as Schmul Luzanski, 2 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Arrived June 24, 1909 on President Grant ship from Hamburg, page 69, line 7;
Josef Rudberg, 39y, married, not able to read or write, mechinist, Russia, Hebrew, from Bialyczerkow, Russia, nearest relative in old place: wife Rochel Rudberg, Bialyczerkow, going to New London, CT, ticket paid by son, has $16, going to son Scholim Rutberg, New London, Conn, 175 Shaw St., born Russia Bialyczerkow.

Info about possible town in Russia:

Several Census say Kiev which was a Gubernia in what is today Ukraine.

Possible town for Luchansky's:
Kivshuvata, also spelled Kovshevataya; Koshevatoye; Kovscevata, Kivsuvata
60 miles South of Kyyiv (Ukraine)

Records that list that town:
Kochvepy (Rebecca Luchansky's marriage record)
Kusovate (Samuel Luchansky's Ellis Island ship record)
Koshowaty (Joseph Dean's WWI draft card)

The Ellis Island record, lists Samuel Luchansky's brother living in Tararzoze.  I think that is Tarashcha, 7.8 miles from Kivsuvata. It is spelled Tarasca on Mapquest.  Also Morris Luchansky's WWI draft card says he is born in Tararsha (I don't know how he is related.)

Joseph Rutberg's Ellis Island record says he is from Bialyczerkow.  I think thie is Bila Tserkva, which is near Kivsuvata and Tarashcha.

From http://www.lemko.org/lih/indexuke.html town names with KOI-8 cyrillic:
Kivshuvata * Kiвшуватa, KIYIV oblast district
Tarashcha * Tapaщa, KIYIV
Bila Tserkva * Бiла Церква, KIYIV


1910 census 175 Shaw St, New London, CT;
Samuel Luchansky, 58, married 40 years, born Russ, immigrated 1908, Hebrew teacher;
Bessie, 57 14 children, 7 living, Russ, immi 1908;
Celia, 18, Russ, immi 1908, spooler;
Rebecca, 17, Russ, immi 1907, Operator;
Anna, 15, Russ, immi 1907, Spooler.

1910 census 175 Shaw St, New London, CT;
Hyman Rutman, 33, married 7 years, Russ, yiddish, immi 1904, Huckster, own mortgage house;
Lizzie, 25, 2 children, 2 living, Russ, imm 1904?;
Harold, 5, CT; Charles, 8/12, CT;
(same address as Samuel Luchansky.)

1920 census 23 Archer Court, New London, CT;
Samuel Luchanisky, 69 immi 1907 alien, born Kief (crossed out) Russia, Jewish;
Bessie, 68, immi 1907, Kief (crossed out) Russia, Jewish.
(4 other families with Kief crossed out.) (next street is Shaw St.)

1930 census 79 Garfield Ave, New London;
Benjamin Dean, 60, married age 25, born Russia, immi 1895 Alien;
Rose, 44, married age 17, Russia, immi 1895, Alien;
Sam Lubchanisky, Father-in-law, 90, widow, Russia, immi 1910, Al.

City Directories:

1912 New London, Samuel Luchansky tchr h 175 Shaw.
1914 New London, CT; Samuel Luchansky, tchr h 175 Shaw.
1914 New London, CT; Anna Luchansky, clk 143 State bds 175 Shaw.
1914 New London, CT, Hyman Rutman, grocer 175 Shaw h do.
1916 New London, CT; Samuel Luchansky, tchr h 175 Shaw.
1916 New London, CT, Simon Shifreen, dry goods 391 Bank, h 175 Shaw.
1920 New London, CT; Samuel Luchansky, tchr h 15 Archer Ct.
1923 New London, CT; Samuel Luchansky (Bessie), tchr r 16 Denison av.
Samuel Luchansky is not listed in 1925 New London.

WWI draft cards:

Joseph Dean, 177 Bradley New London, CT, born Mar 15, 1888, born Koshowaty, Kebe, Russia, junk dealer, dependent on him-mother, wife, 4 children. (same town as Luchanskys.) (Don't know how he is related to Rose Luchansky's husband, Benjamin Dean.)

Simon Shifreen, 33 Howard, New London, CT, born Nov 7, 1885, age 32, citizen of Russia, job Dry Goods Merchant, self employed at 391 Bank, New London, wife Anna Shifreen.

Morris Luchansky, address 20 Dennison Ave, New London, CT, born Jun 18, 1889, in Tararsha, Kiev, Russia, job Fruit Pedler, at same address, wife and child, previous military, private, infantry, 2 months, Russia, signed name M. Luchansky. (don't know how he is related but his place of birth might be near the other Luchansky's town, see the town info above.)


Simons and Shapiro Records:

Linda said from his SS Admin that he was born Feb 4, 1894 in Williamsville, NY, father Barney, mother Rebecca Fine. He applied in 1937, his wife was Vit Milloy?, address 23 Ocean Ave, New London.

1900 Census 14 Dow St, New Haven, CT ED 349;
Simons Zimon, May 1870, 30, married 11 years, Russia, Russia, Russia, immigrated 1889, Papers, Junk Dealer;
Anna Zimon, Mar 1868, 32, 4 children, 4 children living, Rus, Rus, Rus, immigrated 1892;
Jacob, May 1890, 10, Rus, immigrated 1892, years 8;
Louis, June 1893, 6, CT;
Barnie, Dec 1894, 5, CT;
Gussie, Dec 1897, 2, CT;
Samuel Brown, Boarder, Jan 1865, 35, widow, Rus, Rus, Rus, immigrated 1896, Junk dealer;
Philip Simons, Brother, Dec 1876, 23, Rus, Rus, Rus, immigrated 1899, Junk dealer.

1910 Census 33 Spruce St., New Haven, CT, ED 376;
Harris Simons, 43, married 22 years, Russia, Russ, Russ, immigrated 1889, Alien, Junk Dealer, can't read and write;
Annie, 44, 4 children, 4 children living, Russia, Russia, Russia, immigrated 1891, can't read and write;
Joe, 20, Russia, immigrated 189, Laborer Box Factory;
Louis, 16, CT, salesman grocery store;
Barnett, 15, CT;
Gussie, 12,CT.

1920 Census 418 Oak St, New Haven, CT, ED 311;
Harris Simons, Head, 58, immigrated 1889, alien, Russia, Russia, Russia, Proprietor, Junk Shop, can't read or write;
Anna Simons, wife, 59, immigrated 1892, alien, Russia, Russia, Russia, can't read or write;
Barney M. Simons, son, 24, Russia, Russia, Russia; assistant, Junk Shop;
Aaron Shapiro, son-in-law, 25, CT, Russia, Russia, Machinist, Machine Shop;
Gussie G. Shapiro, daughter, 21, CT, Russia, Russia;
Merill, granddaughter, 1 3/12, CT.

1930 census 29 Percy St., New London, CT, ED 34;
Aaron Shapira, Rent, $42, 36, married at 22, NY, Russia Moscow, Russia Moscow, Driver, Dairy Co.;
Gertrude, 32, married 19, CT, Russia, Russia;
Merriel, 11, CT, NY, CT;
Bernice, 5, CT, NY, CT
Daniel Golumbic, Roomer, 30, CT, Russia, Russia, Clerk, Dairy Co, vet of WW.

City Directories:
1921-1922 New Haven, CT, Aaron Shapiro, emp 45 Chestnut h (7) 418 Oak (same address as Harris Simons.)
not in New Haven in 1924.
1929 New London, CT, Aaron Shapiro (Gertrude G.) chauf, h 113 Shaw.

1908 New Haven, CT, Harris Simons, junk dealer, h 33 Spruce.
1912 New Haven, CT, Harris Simons, junk dealer, h 33 Spruce.
1921-1922 New Haven, CT, Harris Simons, expressman h (7) 418 Oak.
1924-1925 New Haven, CT, Harris & (Anna) Simons, expressman h (7) 418 Oak.
1925 New Haven, CT, Harris & (Ethel) Simons, junk, h (7) 418 Oak.
1927 New Haven, CT, Harris & (Ethel H.) Simons, h (7) 418 Oak.

WWI draft card:

Aaron Shapiro, 116 Asylum St, New Haven, CT, born Feb 4, 1894, 23 years old, born Williamsville, CT, job Gun Barrell Reamer, American Gun Barrell Mfr Co, New Haven, supporting wife and mother.

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