Chambersburg Penn June 16

Dear Sister

I have been writing home to-day.  It is most to warm to day.  We are 42 miles from Harpers Ferry expecting marching orderes every hour.  There are other Regiments encamped all around us.  There are two on the same lot with us.  One from Wisconsin the other from Penna.  The former have struck tents and are packing up to go this afternoon.

I got the blanket all right before leaving Hartford but did not see anybody I knew at Middletown though I looked pretty sharp.

I have not had anything to eat except Pilot[?] bread since leaving Hartford except what I bought myself until to-day.  We had what some folks call Beef Steak.

I believe it came out from between the horns.[?]  Last Sunday night I was on guard until 10 O'Clock in the morning.  Monday night I slept little on the Boat and arrived in Jersey City at about 3 'Clock Tuesday morning.  We remained in the Depot there until 6 or 7 O'Clock in the afternoon when we finally got under weigh again for Philadelphia where we arrived early in the morning.  That night I was on guard duty again and got no sleep.  We left Phila at 5 or 6 O'Clock in the morning and arrived in Harrisburg in the afternoon where we remained about an hour when we started again and arrived at Chambersburg about 9 O'Clock in the evening.  Our tents were behind in another train so we had the pleasure of sleeping without them.  There are no postage stamps to be had here and it is a great bother.  I wish you would send me a few.  What I had in my pocket book got wet with sweat and stuck to-gether so that I could not get them apart.  I had to throw them away for the want of something to stick them with.  We had a meeting to-day in a grove back of the camp the whole Regiment attending.  There was about a dozen Ladies present.  I suppose there must have been some 2 or 300 there who never heard any preaching before.  When we get on a long march I shall have to throw away my clothes except one change.  We have just had orders to have two days rations cooked and more to-morrow.  The Wisconsin Regiment are just going of.

We go towards Harpers Ferry but cannot tell where.  Write soon and direct
                                                                                                        W E H
                                                                                                Care Capt N. S. Hallenbeck
                                                                                                        4th Regt Conn Vol
                                                                                                            To be forwarded


Written upside down on bottom of last page:

    I wish you would write to Kate and invite her to come to our house
Direct  Miss C A Carrington
            Care Leverett Carrington Esqr

Philadelphia July 30th 1857

Dear Sister,

At last I am settled down in Philadelphia.  Yesterday I went out to see the Fairmount Water Works some tow or three miles out of town.  Cannibusses[?] run out and back for sixpence each way and they are well worth the money.  We found a fellow here who used to work at FA Bradley's and he went around with us.  If it had not been for him we would never found a job here in a life time.  There are some 20 or so shops here but they are all small ones with the exception of 2 or 3 that are very large.  We went to one shop and they had work enough for 4 or 5 more body makers but could not get it ironed.  At another they wanted more hands but had no place to put them.  Monday we went to see Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  The Bell that rung that morning is there with the portraits of the signers also the desk that Franklin used in his Office and lots of other things.

We went to see the United States Mint but did not go in.  I have walked around until my feet are blistered and my clothes most all dirty and not money enough to get them washed.

I guess that I shall have to begin to wear them over again next week.  Turn them inside out I guess they will go.  We ought to have been at work yesterday and might if we had telagraphed to both places but one cost $1.40 and I thought it an useless expense.  As it is it would have been better if we had done so.  We left New York last Thursday a 5 O'clock and arrived at 3 the next afternoon.  The night was very dark and the water rough.  Cooper was as sick as any one could be and so was most all the passengers except me.  I guess I'm tough.  We arrived at Cape May about 5 oclock the next morning and staid till 8 giving the passengers all a chance to go up to the Cape Island City the great watering place of New Jersy where there are Hotels on the shore to accomodate 3 or 4000 persons.  [?]Its a pretty long sail for $2.00 with an extra 1/2 for state room.  You can scarcly go along the streets here in the morning without getting we feet for the water pipes are all let loose and Irish girls at every house scrubbing the pavements and boys watering the streets with small hose.  Its the cleanest place I ever saw.  There are about twenty Parks with fountains and the trees filled with gray squirrels.  They are so tame they will jump into a person's lap and eat peanuts.  They are very strict to no person being allowed to smoke or go on the grass or take a dog into one of [?] under penalty of $5.00.

I don't believe there is a crooked street in the City and it impossible to get lost.  I suppose it is a very busy time in New Haven about his time.

I came very near coming home after our tools after we got the job as it would cost no more than it would to stay here and as it is I don't believe it would have cost as much.  Charley Nutze and Cooper thought it a very foolish notion so I didn't do it.  If I had come I suppose I should have got laughed at all around for coming back so soon.  We have got 4 jobs to build at $60 each and Cooper says he is coming to New Haven to stay a day when we get them done.  Perhaps I may come with him and perhaps I may not.

See how I feel when that time comes.  Prices are about the same here as they are in New Haven but the Carriages are awful outlandish looking things.  I haven't seen a decent looking carriage since I've been here.  The private ones look as much like a New York butcher cart as as any thing.  If our tools don't get here pretty soon I guess I shall have to leave my trunk and ship for some other contry.  Write soon.

                                                                                                                W E H

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