Weems Pictures (page 1)

Ruth Livvia Weems (1903-1973)


George Wright Weems (1818-1881)
Ruth's Great-Grandfather
This tintype is loose in a paper holer.  It was in a letter from Alice McClain Gold to Sacca Gold Weems in 1927 but the letter did not mention the picture so I wasn't sure who it was.  Then I found this copy of a newspaper article about the Weems in Newton County.  I would like to know when and what newspaper this is from and I would really like to get a good copy of the picture of Martin Alexander Weems and his wife Livvia Kenney.


Jones Weems (1792-1880)
Ruth's Great-Great-Grandfather
Moved his family from Green County Tennessee to Newton County Missouri in 1830's

Thank you to Pat for sending me this better copy of this picture.

If you would like to print any pictures or images, I can email you a better, bigger copy of the file.  It will print a lot better with the bigger file, but I don't have room on this website for all of the big files.  If you want to print a copy for yourself, just email me (Lea Ann). 

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