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Brickey Family

Alvie Cunningham's mother was Mary Pietta Brickey and her parents were John Brickey and Susan Burgess.  John Brickey lived in Benton County Arkansas in 1850 with his parents Jonathan and Nancy, and in 1860 with Susan and their first 2 children Nancy and John Resdan.  John and Susan lived in Kansas in 1863 when Mary's sister Sarah was born and in 1865 when Mary was born.  They are listed in the 1865 state census in Emporia, KS.  Then by 1870, Susan is living with her 4 children and remarried to Sterling McAnally in Benton Co., AR again.    In 1880, Susan is living in Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas which is very close to the Benton County line.  Susan has a 5th child Moses McAnally and her second husband, Sterling McAnally has gone to Texas with a neighbor.  In 1900 Susan is living with Mary and her husband Joseph Cunningham in Newton County, Missouri. 

Information from a McAnnally family researcher:  Sterling McAnnally left a wife and children in Alabama when he is married to Susan Burgess Brickey in Arkansas in 1870.  Then by 1880, Sterling is in Texas with a new wife who appears to have been a neighbor in Arkansas.

I would like to know what happened to John Brickey.  Where and what happened after they were in the 1865 state census in Emporia, KS, until Susan married Sterling McAnally back in Benton Co, AR? 

Brickey Pictures

Picture 1 - Mary's brother, John Resdan Brickey and his daughter Nora

Pictures 2 - Mary's sister Nancy E. Brickey and her husband Thomas Holland

Pictures 3 - Mary Pietta Brickey Cunningham's pictures

Pictures 4 - unidentified pictures from John Resdan Brickey and Nora Brickey

Pictures 5 - unidentified pictures from John Resdan Brickey and Nora Brickey

I want to thank Mary V. in CA for caring for these pictures and contacting about them.  And Mary M. at the Benton Co. Historical Society for sending the Brickey pictures to me.

See the Lost Cousins page for Brickeys that I don't know how they are related.

Mary Pietta Brickey's Ancestors

1  Jonathan Brickey b. abt1792, d. aft1850 VA
    +  Nancy b. abt1798, d. aft1860 VA
        2  Mary E Brickey b. abt1825
        2  John M Brickey b. abt1828, d. btw1865-1870
            +  Susan J. Burgess b. 1831, d. aft1900 TN
                3  Nancy E. Brickey b. 1855 AR, d. 1940 AR
                    +  Thomas Holland b. 1848 NC, d. 1931 AR
                        4  Infant Holland b. 1882, d. 1882
                        4  Lan Orlando Holland b. 1884
                        4  Homer Holland b. 1886
                        4  Mattie Holland b. 1889
                        4  Roy Holland b. 1893
                        4  Clara Crow Holland b. 1893
                3   John (Jonathan) Resdan Brickey b. May 10, 1858 AR, d. Feb 13, 1951 CA
                    +  Nancy ? b. May 1858 AR, d. 1902 AR
                        4  Nora Brickey b. Apr 6, 1884 AR, d. Nov 13, 1972 CA
                3  Sarah V. Brickey b. abt 1863 KS
                3  Mary Pietta Brickey b. 1865 KS, d. 1942 MO
                    +  Joseph CUNNINGHAM, b. 1863 IN, d. 1909
        2  Amanda Brickey b.abt1833
        2  Joseph Brickey b. abt1836
        2  James N Brickey b. abt1840    

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