Thornberry / Thornsberry Family

I am interested in this family because 4 different branches of my family (Brickey, Burgess, Weems and Kenney) have connections with the Thornberrys spanning several decades in the 1800's and in 3 states (Virginia, Arkansas and Missouri.)

In Benton Co., AR in the middle 1800's, my Burgess and Brickey families live near the Thornberrys and are buried in the Thornsberry cemetery.  There is a Jane Burgess living with the Thornberrys in 1850.  There is a David Brickey living next door to Martin Thornberry in 1860.  There is a marriage record in Scott Co, VA for David Brickey and Mary Thornberry in 1830.  I don't know how they are related to my Brickeys but I wonder is my Brickeys and the Thornberry migrated together.

Then my 3rd great-grandfather, George Wright Weems's sister Talitha marries Martin Thornberry in AR.  Later in Newton Co, MO, my 2nd great-grandmother, Livvia Kenney's sister, Nancy Kenney married Walter Thornberry. 


Descendent chart

1  Walter Thornberry (b.from 1774 to 1780-NC)
    + Elizabeth (b.Abt 1786-TN)
        2  Rev Martin W. Thornberry (b.1805-VA;d.4 Nov 1871-Newton Co,MO)
            + Talitha Weems (b.13 Dec 1828-Green Co,TN;d.21 Dec 1878-Newton Co,MO) (sister of George Wright Weems, see Weems page)
            3  Walter Thornberry (b.26 Aug 1855-AR;d.24 Jul 1912)
                + Nancy C. Kenney (b.5 Jan 1856-TN;m.Abt 1879;d.14 Feb 1950-Newton County,MO) (sister of Livvia Kenney)
                    4  Edgar K. Thornberry (b.Oct 1880-MO)
                        + Nellie C. Kenney? (b.17 Jan 1880-MO;m.Abt 1906;d.21 Feb 1913)
                            5  Catherine J. Thornberry (b.Abt 1907-OK)
                            5  Edgar K. Jr. Thornberry (b.Abt 1909-CO)
                            5  Mary E. Thornberry (b.Abt 1912-MO)
                    4  Martin H. Thornberry (b.Jul 1882-MO)
                        + Elizabeth Mansbridge (b.Abt 1877-MO;m.Abt 1907)
                            5  Georgia Marleyne Thornberry (b.Abt 1912-MO)
                    4  Virgil A. Thornberry (b.Apr 1884-MO)
                        + Ethel (b.Abt 1888-MO;m.Abt 1915)
                            5  Genevie  (b.Abt 1911-MO)
                            5  Nancy E. Thornberry (b.Abt 1917-MO)
                            5  Walter H. Thornberry (b.Abt 1921-MO)
                            5  Lenora Pearl Thornberry (b.Abt 1924-MO)
            3  Elizabeth B. Thornberry (b.Abt 1857-AR;d.3 May 1873)
            3  Mary T. Thornberry (b.12 Oct 1861-AR;d.22 Jun 1884)
                + Joseph Lewis (b.Abt 1854-TN;m.Abt 1880)
            3  Nancy Thornberry (b.Abt 1867-AR)
                + Henry V. Wager (m.1888)
                    4  Walter H. Wager (b.12 Jun 1889-AZ;d.27 Oct 1997)

Thornsberry Church and Cemetery

Here's an article the Thornsberry church and cemetery near Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkasas. and 

Thornsberry Cemetery transcriptions
Located in the NE 1/4 of Section 31, Township 18N, Range 31W about 12 miles west of Springdale and 1 mile north of US Highway 412 on County Road 80 adjacent to the restored Thornsberry Church.

Susan J Burgess (Mary Brickey's mother)
Susan J. McAnanly*        1831 1904           Thornsberry Cemetery              *other names are slightly misspelled including known relatives

Susan's daughter, Nancy E Brickey (Mary's sister) and Nancy's husband
Nannie E. Holland       1855 1940               Thornsberry Cemetery
Thomas M. Holland    1848 1931               Thornsberry Cemetery

Susan's parents:
Richard Burgess          1782 1861               Thornsberry Cemetery
Elizabeth Burgess        1792 1848              
Thornsberry Cemetery

Susan's sister and her husband:
Sarah M. Wilson         1812 1889              Thornsberry Cemetery
Archelaus Wilson        1806 1889              
Thornsberry Cemetery

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