Nancy F. Vestal

Parents:  Silas Vestal and Barsheba

Born:  December 2, 1819

Married:  April 3, 1842 to George Wright Weems (1818-1881)

Harriet Francis Weems(1843-1888)
Kendrick Weems (1844-1875)
Martin Alexander Weems (1847-1901)
Mary C. Weems (1849-1885)
Silas Vestal Weems (1852-1924)
Talitha Weems (1854-1877)
Martha Samaria Weems (1857-1871)

Died:  March 29, 1876 in Newton Co, MO


Obituary of Nancy Frances Vestal Weems

1876   St. Lewis newspaper

WEEMS Nancy F. Weems, consort of Geo. W. Weems,  Esq., was the daugher of Silas and Barsheba Vestal, and was born in North Carolina, December 2, 1819.  She was married when quite young to Rev. Archibald Woodfin, who was soon afterward killed by his horse running away with his buggy.  She was married again to Bro. Weems on April 3, 1842, and died at her residence in Newton county, Mo., March 29, 1876.

Sister Weems embraced the Savior when quite young and maintained an exemplary Christian life to the day of her death.  Being intelligent and pious and possessed of rare conversational powers, made her at once an object of admiration and esteem by all who knew her.  The Church at Harmony has lost an honored and an esteemed member, while her family have sustained a loss irreparable.

Tranquil amid the throes of death, and with a placid smile she met the king of terrors and died only as the Christian can die.  She leaves behind the remnant of a noble family (two or three of her children having passed over before her), all honored and respected.  May God by his grace bring the husband and children safely to the home of the sainted wife and mother.



[Rev. James Madison Proctor - First Pastor of the Newtonia Methodist Church.  Died in Buffalo Mo. 1902.  Grandfather of Jessie Proctor Weems, wife of Martin Price Weems.]



1850 Census
STATE:          COUNTY:           TOWNSHIP:              PAGE:       DATE:
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.
7 402 402 George W. Weems 33 M   Farmer 800 Tenn        
8        Nancy 31 F       N.C.        
9        Harriet 7 F       Mo        
10        Kendrick 4 M        "        
11        Martin 2 M        "        
12        Mary 6/10 F        "        
13     John Lapley 25 M   Farmer   Tenn        


1860 Census
STATE: Missouri      COUNTY: Newton      TOWNSHIP: Benton       POST OFFICE: Newtonia        PAGE: 220      DATE: August 31, 1860
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Value-personal property Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.  
1 1470 1512 G W Weems 41 M   Farmer 4000 1030 Tennessee          
2     Nancy   " 40 F              "          
3     Harriet   " 17 F         Missouri          
4     Kendrick  " 15 M              "          
5     Martin   " 13 M              "          
6     Mary    " 11 F              "          
7     Silas   " 7 M              "          
8     Tiletha  " 6 F              "          
9     Martha   " 4 F              "          


1870 Census
State: Missouri       County: Newton      Township: Franklin          Post Office: Newtonia           Page No (stamp):  359B     Date: July 8th, 1870
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value Real Estate Value Personal property Birth Place Father foreign born Mother foreign born Month born in census year Month married in census year school cannot read cannot write deaf, etc. eligible to vote  
17 95 92 Weems  George W 51 M W Farmer 7800 880 Tennessee                   /  
18       -----    Nancy F 50 F W Keeping House     North Carolina                    
19       -----    Harriet B 26 F W       Missouri                    
20       -----    Martin A 22 M W Farmer 500 125 Missouri           /          
21       -----    Mary P 20 F W       Missouri           /          
22       -----    Silas V 18 M W Works on farm     Missouri           /          
23       -----    Tabitha 16 F W       Missouri           /          
24       -----    Martha S 13 F W       Missouri           /          


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