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These are actually identified but I would like to get copies to their families.  There were many other pictures with this same handwriting, some with "Dick at . . ." and one that said something like "Dick looks like Harry did at that age."  Richard and Harry are my distant cousins, so I would like to find their families and exchange any info and pictures with them.

I also have the baby announcement for Richard Wesley Harris, born April 25, 1907 to Mr. & Mrs. William Harris.  The envelope was made by the K. & W.R. Drew Co, Jacksonville, FLA.  Here is some family info I have gathered from census records.

1  Laura Virginia Jennie Slocum (b.Mar 1868-MO;d.Aft 1910)
    + Wesley Siler (b.Sep 1864-IL;m.12 Aug 1883)
        2  Frederick Siler (b.Oct 1885-MO)
        2  Jessie Siler (b.Feb 1889-MO)
            + William Harris (m.Abt 1905)
                3  Richard Wesley Harris (b.25 Apr 1907-FL)
        2  Harry Kittrell Siler (b.Oct 1892-Joplin,MO)
            + Gertrude (b.Abt 1895-MA)
                3  Harry Kittrell Siler jr (b.1 Jun 1917-FL;d.5 Aug 1986-FL)
                3  Charles P. Siler (b.Abt 1919-FL)
(Laura Jennie Slocum married:)
     + Joseph James (b.Abt 1864-MA;m.Abt 1903)

Richard Wesley Harris age 13 years 8 months
Harry Kitrell Siler Jr age 3 years 7 months
Pablo Beach, Florida Decemeber 26-1920

Aunt Rose
Dick at Balboa California


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