Rose Slocum

Parents:  Eliza Young and James P. Slocum

Born:  about 1866

Thomas Alec McClain (1849-1920) Referred to as Alec  (see Alice's page; 1870 census)
Arasmus (sp?) McClain (1850?-aft1860)
Lewis McClain (1852?-aft1870)  (see Alice's page; 1870 census)
Adaline Elizabeth? McClain (1854?-?) (see Alice's page; 1870 census)
Oliver Asury McClain (1855-1856)
Alice Ruth McClain (1859-1928)
Mary Catherine (1861-1890) (have emailed with her great-granddaughter)
Laura Jennie Slocum (1868-aft1910) who married Wesley Siler and then Joseph James. (I have pictures of her grandchildren so below.)

Married:  James William Meredith (abt1855-1931)

Children:  none

Died:  after 1942

My aunt has a box of pictures that must have belonged to Aunt Rose.  Some of the pictures are addressed to Aunt Rose.  There are a few envelopes addressed to Aunt Rose.  Since Rose had no children, her belongs went to Sacca Gold Weems, then to Ruth Weems Cunningham or my aunt, Ruth's daughter.  One letter in the box had belonged to Adaline Young Ellis.  Adaline raised Rose and some of her siblings after their mother Eliza died.  The letter is from 1868 from Adaline and Eliza's father. 

1868 letter is transcribed on Alexander Young's page.

Pictures page 1 - Richard Wesley Harris and Harry Kitrell Siler Jr.  I would like to find their families now.

Unidentified Pictures page 2 - 2 children and 1 women from Jacksonville, Florida, and a girl who looks like one of the children

Unidentified Pictures page 3 - young man working at oil rigs

Unidentified Pictures page 4 - girl and baby, baby boy, man holding baby

Unidentified Pictures page 5 - skinny man, skinny man with girl, young boy

Unidentified Pictures page 6 - 2 pictures of women standing, 2 pictures of babies

Unidentified Pictures page 7 - young people on porch, 6 women, woman wearing puffy pants

Unidentified Pictures page 8 - boy, 3 pictures of men

Tintypes - 2 pictures of babies, 1 picture with 2 women

Other pictures - Sacca Gold Weems and other's have had procession of this box of pictures, so other families pictures were in it.  Here are 2 pictures that I need to get identified.  One might be Sacca and the other is some children in 1955 that might have been Uncle Fat's (Lewis?) children.

Cemetery records:

Vestal Weems (1905-1982) requested to be buried at the Wanda Cemetery because Aunt Rose Meredith was buried there, so she wouldn't be by herself.

from Pat who has the Wanda Cemetery records:
In lot 161:  Vestal Weems, Rose Meredith (no stone),  A.C. McClain (no stone) and ??Slokum   (no dates-no stone)

From James Meredith obituary, he was buried in Pierce City, MO.

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