Alexander Crawford Young


Born:  about 1798 or 1805 in North Carolina or Kentucky

Married:  Ruth McFaddin

Adaline Young (1822-1889)
Eliza Young (abt1822 to 1828-aft1870)
Angeline (Ann) Young (about 1826 to 1832 - aft1868)
Josephus (Seaphus) Young (1829-1876)
David Young (abt 1835-aft 1870)
Oliver Young

Died:  after 1868

1868 letter from Alexander C. Young in Texas to his daughter Adaline in Missouri

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My notes:

  • I transcribed this exactly as I could, with misspellings and no punctuation. 

  • the + is the little “and” sign that looks like a plus

  • This letter was written by Alexander C. Young to his daughter Adaline Young Ellis. 
    People mentioned in the letter:  Seaphus was probably Joshephus, Alexander C. Young’s son.  Joshephus dies in 1876 and is buried back in Benton Co, AR where the family started out.  Hester was Josephus’ wife, and is living back in Benton Co, AR in the 1880 census.  Alexander, who “had a hard spell” was probably Josephus and Hester’s son.  Oliver and David were also sons of Alexander C. Young, who had stayed in Benton Co, AR.  Ann was probably Angeline who in the 1860 census was 34, single and living with Alexander C. Young in Newton Co, MO.

  • Maybe Adaline and Aunt Rose kept this letter because it was his last.  He sounds very sick.

  • from the website called “Old Diseases”
    “Dyspepsia: Acid indigestion. Indigestion and heartburn. Heart attack symptoms.”

Transcription of envelope: 

Prairie Mount Tex
                      May 20 ///

                                    Adaline H Ellis
                                    Newton County Newtonia

(written sideways on the left)
By the way of St. Louis Missourie

May the 16th 1868
Lamar County Texas May 16th 1868
                                           Dear Daughter
I recievd your letter dated April the 10th in May the 4th which informd me that your were all well + doing well that you had plenty to live on which I was glad to hear + that you wanted me to come back there to live (I doe no [scratched out]) you doe not want me to come back any worse than I want to come but I think is verry doubtful whether I ever get back there or not owing to my health + strength my health is + my strength is worse than my health I have been troubled with a weekeness of my back ever sense I had that hard spell last fall is one year ago my kidneys is very much desordered so that I cannot walk to doe any good + to top off all I am badly dispeptic(?) there is nothing in this country to assist a week stomach no vegatables no nothing to nourish a week stomache if I could drive a team I would leave here in 10 days or as soon as I could get off  I have one tolerable good yoke of of [sic] Stears I think I could make out to get another yoke Oliver Sent for me last winter by James Neely for that usd to live in bentonville S(?)aid for to come + bring my bed + Clothes + never said anything about Anns coming + I would not go he said for me to come + live with him or David I would not leave Ann to live with any body in this day + time I hve no news to write people have all something to eat such as meat + bred they generally have milk + butter in the summer but none in winter corn is plenty here pork last fall sold from $5 to 8(?) beef generally $2 ½ and 3 I want to get away from this country if could I doe abhor the idea of dying + beeing buried Here

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this is the wickedest Country I ever saw the people most generally pay but little attention to the sabath there is one Sabath School in about two miles of us I was speaking something in favour of Sabath Schooles + was askd if they had to pay for it the man that askd was a man of something near forty or more so you can guess what an enlightend world I am in times is very hard here in regard of money matters property sells low for money there was 2 muuls(?) + harness sold awhile back in parris for thirty dollars Cows generally sell for $10 they generally give from half gallon to a gallon of milk they are none of your half bushel cows
the family is in good health as you could expect them in this country except Hester  She complains like she did at Elm Springs  She goes about the most of her time but grunts a good deal  Alexander had a hard spell of ??(hole in paper) phid nond(?) is not well over it yet wee heard a few days ago from they boys the report said they were well that fayette had regained his health
            I close by saying that I wisht my self in that country + Ann I think that hestere wants to bee there as bad as Ann or me
I gave your letter to Seaphus to read after I looked over it he red to where you advised him to sell off all to make an outfit to move there he threw it down + do nt know that he has seen it sense
A.H. Ellis
             I(?) Close                                       A.C.Young
if you see any preachers a coming to texas tull them to box up ther religion in a strong box + to not open till they get here with strong Iroen? bands around it
Bodiver(?) Ellis preaches in 2 mile of us          A.C.Y.


Cemetery Records

Joshephus R. Young
4-20-1829 to 4-5-1876
Husband of H.A.
Mt. Hebron cemetery, Benton Co, AR

David M. Young
4-20-1832 to 3-18-1901
Same stone with Sarah M. Young, born 12-18-1838, no death date
Pleasant Grove Cemetery


Land Record

Alexander Crawford Young 3/10/1843 Benton Co. AR
80 acres
Aliquot parts:  W1/2NW        Sec/Block: 33/        Twp: 20-N       Range: 30W      Meridian: 5th PM


1840 Census
Prairie Twp, Washington County, Arkansas; Page 30
A.C. Young
1 male 5-10 years old
2 males 10-15 years old
1 male 40-50 years old
2 females 10-15 years old
1 female 15-20 years old
1 female 40-50 years old
1 female 10-24 years old
1 female 24-36 years old

I don't know for sure that this is the same person.


1850 Census
STATE: Arkansas        COUNTY: Benton        TOWNSHIP: Osage          PAGE: 64B      DATE: Nov 12, 1850
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.
14 264 264 Thomas McLane 44 M   Merchant 1000 Tenn        
15     Eliza       21 F         "        
16     Robert  7 M       Miss       /    
17     James A 2 M       Ark        
18     Morosmus? 5/12 M         "        
STATE:  AR        COUNTY: Benton          TOWNSHIP: Osage             PAGE: 77B      DATE: Nov 12, 1850
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.
7 439 439 Alexander Young 45 M   Farmer 1500 NC        
8     Ruth 52 F       Tenn        
9     Ataline 22 F         "        
10     ?han 20 M   none     "        
11     Angeline 18 F         "        
12     David 15 M   none     "      /    


1860 Census
STATE: Missouri     COUNTY: Newton     TOWNSHIP: Benton      POST OFFICE: Newtonia         Page No: 221      DATE: August 31, 1860
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Value-personal property Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.  
12 1479 1521  T. N. McClain 52 M   Farmer 6500 4800 Tennessee          
13     Eliza       " 38 F         Tennessee          
14     Alexander   " 12 M         Arkansas          
15     Arasmus    " 10 M         Arkansas          
16     Lewis      " 8 M         Arkansas      /      
17     Adaline   " 6 M         Arkansas      /      
18     Adaline Young 40 F       1600 Tennessee          
19     Alice McClain 1 F         Missouri          
20 1480 1522 J. P. Young 32 M   Farmer   1500 Tennessee          
21     H. A.  " 35 F         Arkansas          
22     William   " 8 M         Arkansas      /      
23     Albert    " 6 M         Arkansas          
24     Ruth    " 3 F         Arkansas          
25     Ambrose 6/12 M         Arkansas          
26   1523 Alex Young 62 M       ? 2500 Kentucky          
27     Angeline  " 34 F       2000 Tennessee          
In the same township is our Weems families, Ellis families and Gold families.  See Alice's page for the rest of the McClain family census transcriptions.

1870 census
Alexander's children Eliza and Josephus can be seen on Eliza's page.

Alexander C. Young's Descendants

1  Alexander Crawford Young (b.BETWEEN 1798 AND 1805-NC or Kentucky;d.Aft 1868)
    + Ruth McFadden (b.Abt 1798;m.Bef 1850;d.Aft 1850)
        2  Adaline H Young (b.1822-TN;d.1889)
            + Ira Ellis (b.1802-NC;m.21 Aug 1864;d.1875)
        2  Oliver M. Young (b.Abt 1824-TN)
            + Elizabeth (b.Abt 1840-TN)
                3  David James? Young (b.Abt 1860-AR)
                3  Ruth Cynthia Young (b.Abt 1863-AR)
                    + Sidney A. West (b.Abt 1862-AL;m.14 Nov 1883)
                        4  Everette West (b.Abt 1900-MO)
                3  Oliver Alexander Young (b.Abt 1866-AR)
                3  Francis Emma Young (b.Abt 1868-AR)
                3  Addie T. Young (b.25 Jul 1871-AR;d.27 Jan 1951)
                    + John A. Hall Jr. (b.2 Feb 1868-AR;m.7 May 1889;d.24 Nov 1931)
                        4  Emma Hall (b.Abt 1891-AR)
                        4  John B. Hall (b.Abt 1905-AR)
                3  Robert W. Young (b.Abt 1873-AR)
            + Jane McPahail (b.1842-AR;m.24 Jun 1879;d.1927)
        2  Eliza Young (b.BETWEEN 1822 AND 1828-TN;d.Aft 1870)
            + Thomas Nelson McClain (b.Abt 1807-TN;m.Bef 1850;d.1863)
                3  Alec Thomas A. McClain (b.21 Jan 1849-Benton Co,AR;d.21 Feb 1920-Joplin,Jasper Co.,MO)
                    + Susan (b.Abt 1851-Indiana;d.Aft 1887-OK,Indian Territory)
                        4  Lou Ella? McClain (b.1870-MO)
                        4  Frank McClain (b.Sep 1885-OK,Indian Territory)
                    + Sarah Annie Nelms (m.1889)
                        4  Ethel McClain
                        4  Hattie McClain
                3  Arasmus? McClain (b.Abt Jun 1850-Benton Co,AR;d.Aft 1860)
                3  Lewis McClain (b.Abt 1852-AR;d.Aft 1870)
                3  Adaline Elizabeth? McClain (b.Abt 1854-AR)
                3  Oliver Asury McClain (b. 1 Oct 1855; d. 22 Nov 1856)
                3  Alice Ruth McClain (b.13 Jun 1859-MO;d.1 Apr 1928-Neosho,MO)
                    + William Etheldred Gold (b.1852-TN;m.3 Sep 1878;d.1921-MO)
                        (see Alice McClain and William Gold's descendents at the Gold family page.)
                3  Mary Catherine McClain (b.28 May 1861-MO;d.9 Aug 1890)
                    + Clinton C. Culp (b.24 Jul 1855-NC;m.18 Dec 1879;d.22 Sep 1920)
                        4  Gertrude Culp
            + James P. Slocum (m.28 Aug 1864)
                3  Rose Slocum (b.Abt 1866-MO;d.Aft 1930)
                    +  James William Meredith (b.Abt 1855-Kentucky;m.Abt 1891;d.27 Feb 1931)
                3  Laura Virginia Jennie Slocum (b.Mar 1868-MO;d.Aft 1910)
                    + Wesley Siler (b.Sep 1864-IL;m.12 Aug 1883) ( I have pictures of this Siler family.  Please contact me!)
                        4  Frederick Siler (b.Oct 1885-MO)
                        4  Jessie Siler (b.Feb 1889-MO)
                            + William Harris (m.Abt 1905)
                                5  Richard Wesley Harris (b.25 Apr 1907-FL)
                        4  Harry Kittrell Siler (b.Oct 1892-Joplin,MO)
                            + Gertrude (b.Abt 1895-MA)
                                5  Harry Kittrell Siler jr (b.1 Jun 1917-FL;d.5 Aug 1986-FL)
                                5  Charles P. Siler (b.Abt 1919-FL)
                    (Laura Jennie Slocum married:)
                    + Joseph James (b.Abt 1864-MA;m.Abt 1903)
             (Eliza Young married:)
            + Hansin Harris (b.Abt 1840-MO;m.19 Sep 1869)
        2  Angeline Young (b.1826/1832-TN;d.Aft 1868)
        2  Joshephus Seaphus R. Young (b.20 Apr 1829-TN;d.5 Apr 1876)
            + Hester A (b.Abt 1825-AR;m.Abt 1851;d.Aft 1880)
                3  William Alexander? Young (b.Abt 1852)
                3  Albert Young (b.Abt 1854-AR)
                3  Ruth Young (b.Abt 1857-AR)
                    + Lee Epperson (b.Abt 1847-IN;m.23 Nov 1879)
                3  Ambrose Young (b.Abt 1860-AR)
                3  Jessie M Young (b.Abt 1861-MO)
                3  Alice Young (b.Abt 1866-TX)
                3  Stonewall Jackson Young (b.Abt 1868-TX)
                3  Nickolus Young (b.Abt 1872)
                3  Walton Young (b.Abt 1875)
        2  David Young (b.20 Apr 1832-Montgomery Co,TN;d.18 Mar 1901)
            + Sarah M. (b.18 Dec 1838-MO)
                3  James M. Young (b.Abt 1860-AR)
                    + Theodisia Chastain (b.7 Mar 1866-KY;m.20 Jan 1886;d.13 Jun 1896)
                3  William Oliver Young (b.1861-AR;d.1945)
                    + Lena Belle (b.1873;m.Abt 1899;d.1964)
                        4  William O? Young (b.Abt 1901-AR)
                        4  Margina? A. Young (b.Abt 1910-AR)
                3  Ruth A. Young (b.Abt 1863-AR)
                    + Charles W. McCommon (b.Abt 1842-Henry,GA;m.5 Mar 1885)
                3  Sarah F. Young (b.Abt 1866-AR)
                3  Viva V. Young (b.29 Nov 1867-AR;d.5 Aug 1889)
                3  John E. Young (b.Abt 1869)
                3  Flawrance Young (b.8 May 1871;d.16 Oct 1871)
                3  D.M. Young (b.30 Jul 1875;d.4 Nov 1876)
                3  Alexander William Young (b.Abt 1878-AR)
                3  Ella Young (b.18 Feb 1879-AR;d.15 Apr 1940)
                    + June L. Mason (b.10 Jun 1871-IL;d.17 Dec 1905)
                        4  Cane or Tom Mason (b.Abt 1904-AR)
                3  Perryethel Young (b.Apr 1882-AR)
                3  Lenrah or Senrah or Maud Young (b.Mar 1884)

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