Alice Ruth McClain

  Pictured here with Sacca (Gold) Weems, Ruth (Weems) Cunningham, and Bonnie Cunningham

  Pictured here with husband and children.

Parents:  Thomas Nelson McClain and Eliza Young.  Alice had a half-sister named Rose (Slocum?) Meredith.

Born:  June 13, 1859 in Missouri

Married:  September 3, 1878 to William Ethelred Gold (1852-1921)

David Nelson Gold (1880-1965)
Sarah Catherine Sacca Gold (1882-1969)
Ethel Gold (1884-btw 1920 and 1930)
Livvia (Adaline?) Gold (1888-    )
Ernest Gold (1889-1865)
Lewis Gold (1896-1972)
Noah Gold (1899-1967)
Poca Gold (1901-1978)
Mona Beatrice (Dot) Gold (1905-1994)

Died:  April 1, 1928 in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri; buried at Wanda Cemetery


Family stories and information:

Sacca Gold told the story about  her mother Alice as a child during the civil war.  Alice remembered being carried to safety by her Black Nanny during a Civil War battle near their house.  Her nanny had to carry her through an orchard to the safety of Alice's father's tavern.  While running through the orchard, tree branches were being blown off by artillery shells going through them.

Another family story was that Alice's father was being chased by bushwackers during the Civil War.  He had to bury his money and escape to Arkansas.  He was caught and murdered.  His murderers brought his gold toothpick that he always carried back to his home in Newton County, MO and threw it on his wife's lap as proof that they had murdered him.  Eliza's sister went to Arkansas to bring his body back for burial.  It was thought that maybe Thomas McClain's business partner had him murdered.

On the McClain message board at, Laurel G., a descendent of Amanda McClain, Thomas's sister writes, "Amanda moved with her children to Newtonia, Missouri to live with her brother Tom around the end of the Civil War. He was shot & killed by his best friend Bob Christian."   See Thomas McClain's page for more about Amanda.

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This map shows McClain's farm during a battle in Newtonia, Newton Co., Missouri in 1864.  This map is from the American Memory Project at


Cemetery Records:

William and Alice Gold are buried at Wanda Cemetery and I have pictures of their tombstones.

Other McClain family burial information is on the McClain family page.


Marriage record from
William E. Gold married Alice R. McClain
September 3, 1878 in Newton county, Missouri  

More McClain family marriage records are on the McClain Family page.

Death record:  I have a copy of her death record, which lists her parents' names.


1860 Census
STATE: Missouri     COUNTY: Newton     TOWNSHIP: Benton      POST OFFICE: Newtonia         Page No: 221      DATE: August 31, 1860
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value-Real Estate Value-personal property Birth place Married within year School in year Can't read or write Deaf etc.  
12 1479 1521  T. N. McClain 52 M   Farmer 6500 4800 Tennessee          
13     Eliza       " 38 F         Tennessee          
14     Alexander   " 12 M         Arkansas          
15     Arasmus    " 10 M         Arkansas          
16     Lewis      " 8 M         Arkansas      /      
17     Adaline   " 6 M         Arkansas      /      
18     Adaline Young 40 F       1600 Tennessee          
19     Alice McClain 1 F         Missouri          
20 1480 1522 J. P. Young 32 M   Farmer   1500 Tennessee          
21     H. A.  " 35 F         Arkansas          
22     William   " 8 M         Arkansas      /      
23     Albert    " 6 M         Arkansas          
24     Ruth    " 3 F         Arkansas          
25     Ambrose 6/12 M         Arkansas          
26   1523 Alex Young 62 M       ? 2500 Kentucky          
27     Angeline  " 34 F       2000 Tennessee          
In the same township is our Weems families, Ellis families and Gold families.


1870 Census
STATE: Texas       COUNTY: Fannin    TOWNSHIP: Precint No 2      POST OFFICE: Bonham    Page No (stamp): 171      DATE: August 3, 1870
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value Real Estate Value Personal property Birth Place Father foreign born Mother foreign born Month born in census year Month married in census year school cannot read cannot write deaf, etc. eligible to vote  
13 16 16 McCain  Alex 20 M W Farmer   150 Arkansas                    
14       -----     Susan 19 F W Keeping House     Indiana                    
15       -----     Lou Ella 9/12 F W       Missouri     Aug              
16     Harris  Harim? 30 M W Farmer   250      "                /       /  
17       ----   Louiza 41 F W       Tennessee                    
18     McClain  Alice 11 F W       Missouri            /          
19       -----     Elizabeth 16 F W       Arkansas                    
20       -----     Rosey 7 F W       Missouri                    
21       -----     Katie 4 F W            "                    
22       -----     Virginia 4 F W            "                    
23       -----     Louis D 19 M W works on farm     Arkansas                    
Rosey is Rose Slocum who is living with Alice and their aunt Adaline in 1880.   Louiza Harris is Alice's mother Eliza.  A descendent of that Katie sent me a probate that listed Eliza Harris as Thomas McClain's widow.
1870 Census
STATE:  Texas     COUNTY: Fannin   TOWNSHIP: Precint No 2     POST OFFICE:  Bonham    Page No (stamp):  173    DATE: August 4, 1870
Line DW# FM# Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value Real Estate Value Personal property Birth Place Father foreign born Mother foreign born Month born in census year Month married in census year school cannot read cannot write deaf, etc. eligible to vote  
18 43 43 Young  Josephus 41 M W Farmer   500 Tennessee                    /  
19        ---     Hester A 35 F W Keeping House     Arkansas                    
20        ---     William A 17 M W at Home          "            /          
21        ---     Albert M 15 M W    "     "          "            /          
22        ---     Ruth 13 F W            "            /          
23        ---     Jessie M 9 M W       Missouri                    
24        ---    Alice 4 F W       Texas                    
25        ---    Stonewall J 2 M W            "                    
Josephus is Eliza's brother.  He is mentioned in a letter from their father, Alexander Young, a copy is on his page.


1880 Census
State: Missouri    County: Newton      Township: Franklin Twp     District or Ward: ED 103     Page: 479B     Date:
LN# In City DW# FM# Name Race Sex Age month if under 1 Relationship S,M, W,D Married in year Occupation months unemployed sick or disabled blind, etc school can not read can not write birth place father's birth place mother's birth place
1   44 47 Ellis  Adda H W F 58     W   Keeping House             Tennessee Ky? can't read
2       Slocum  Rosa W F 14   Niece S   at Home          /     Missouri can't read can't read
3         ----     L. Jennie W F 12   Niece S   At Home          /     Missouri Ny? Tenn
4       Gold  William E. W M 28     M   Farming             Tennessee Tenn Tenn
5         ----  Alice R W F 20   Wife M   Keeping House             Missouri Tenn? can't read
6         ----   Zachariah J W M 33   Cousin S   Photographer             Tennessee Tenn Tenn
7         ----  David N W M 3/12 Feb Son S                 Missouri Tenn Mo


1900 Census
STATE: Missouri         COUNTY: Newton        TOWNSHIP: Franklin        SUPV/DISTR: 13           ENUM/DISTR:  104       ENUMERATOR:  James Kenney        DATE: June 25, 1900     Page:  68B 
  72 302 305 Gold  William Head W M Feb 1852 48 M 21     Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee       Farmer 0   yes yes yes O M F 248
  73       ----   Allice Wife W F June 1859 40 M 21 11 7 Missouri Mississippi Arkansas             yes yes yes        
  74       ----   Sarah C daughter W F Oct 1882 17 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       at school   5 yes yes yes        
  75       ----   Ethel R daughter W F Sept 1884 15 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       at school   5 yes yes yes        
  76       ----   Livvia daughter W F June 1888 11 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       at school   5 yes yes yes        
  77       ----   Ernest son W M Oct 1889 10 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       at school   5 yes yes yes        
  78       ----   Lewis son W M Jan 1897 3 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri             yes yes yes        
  79       ----   Noah son W M Jan 1899 1 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri             no no no        


1910 Census
STATE:         COUNTY:          TOWNSHIP:          ED:        PAGE:           DATE:    
LN# Street HS# DW# FM# Name Relationship Sex Race Age S M W D Years married # children # now living Birth place Father birth place Mother birth place imm. year Nat.or Alien Eng profession industry emp. out of work # weeks out of work 1909 read write school own or rent free or mortgage farm or house farm # civil war vet blind deaf
      211 212 Gold   Stephen W.E. Head M W 57 M 32     Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee     English Farmer general farm Emp     yes yes   O M F 145      
            ---   Alice R. Wife F W 50 M 32     Missouri Mississippi Tennessee     English none                            
            ---   David N. Son M W 29 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri     English Electrician  ? Railway W yes? 0 yes yes                
            ---   Ernest J. Son M W 20 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri     English farm laborer Horse? farm W no 0? yes yes yes              
            ---   Louis Son M W 12? S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri     English none         yes yes yes              
            ---   Noah Son M W 11 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri     English none         yes yes yes              
            ---   Polka Daughter F W 9 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       none             yes              
            ---   Mona B. Daughter F W 5 S       Missouri Tennessee Missouri       none             no              
          Robertson   Charles L grandson M W 1 3/12? S       Missouri Missouri Missouri       none                            
This copy is blurry.
They are on the same census page as Livvia Weems.  Livvia's son Phidellah is married to Alice and William's daughter Sacca.  Phidellah and Sacca live in a different township though.


1920 Census
STATE: Missouri        COUNTY: Newton         TOWNSHIP: Franklin    Stella Precinct         ED: 139       PAGE: 58B          DATE: January 16, 1920
Line # Street house # DW# FM# Name Relationship Own or Rent Free or mortgage Sex Race Age S M W D Year of Imm. Nat Year Nat School Able to read Able to write Birth Place Lang Father Birth Place Father Lang Mother Birth Place Mother Lang Speak Eng Profession Industry Emp., sal, own account # Farm
      201 201 Gold William E. Head O M M W 66 M         yes yes Tennessee   Tennessee   Tennessee   yes Farmer own farm OA 114
           ---    Alice R. Wife     F W 61 M         yes yes Missouri   Missippi?   Tennessee   yes none      
           ---    Lewis M. Son     M W 23 S         yes yes Missouri   Tennessee   Missouri   yes none      
           ---    Mona B. Daughter     F W 15 S        no yes yes Missour   Tennessee   Missouri   yes none      


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