Sacca (Sarah Catherine) Gold

Parents:  William Etheldred Gold (1852-1921) and Alice Ruth McClain(1859-1928)

Born:  October 9, 1882 in Stark City, MO

Married:  December 25, 1902 to Phidellah Vestal Weems (1877-1911)

Ruth Livvia Weems (1903-1973)
Vestal Harmon Weems (1905-1982)
Martin Etheldred Weems (1907-1979)
Glenn Phidellah Weems (1909-1984)

Died:  April 23, 1969 in Stella, MO


  Pictured here with Alice Ruth (McClain) Gold, Ruth (Weems) Cunningham, and Bonnie Cunningham

  Pictured here probably with her siblings and parents.


Autograph books from 1897 - 1901 in Newton County, Missouri.  Keep scrolling down to see transcriptions Sacca's autograph book or click here to jump to her husband, Phidellah's page and a scanned copy.

Sacca's Aunt Rose died in 1942 in Joplin, MO and had no children.  A box of her pictures and letters is now in our family and probably was owned by Sacca during some time.  Rose Slocum Meredith's page has links to the pictures that need to be identified and also some from the family of Jennie Slocum Siler and Jessie Siler Harris in FL and CA.

Other pictures - Sacca Gold Weems and other's have had procession of this box of pictures, so other families pictures were in it.  Here are 2 pictures that I need to get identified.  One might be Sacca and the other is some children in 1955 that might have been Uncle Fat's (Lewis?) children.

1900 Census
CENSUS YEAR:  1900      STATE:  MO          COUNTY:  Newton         TOWNSHIP:  Franklin         SUPV/DISTR:  13            ENUM/DISTR:  104         ENUMERATOR:  James Kinney          ENUMERATION-DATE-RANGE:  June 1-30, 1900 
16B 72 302 305 Gold William head w m February 1852 48 m 21     TN TN TN       farmer 0   yes yes yes own mortgage farm 248
16B 73 302 305 Gold Allice wife w f June 1859 40 m 21 11 7 MO MS AR             yes yes yes        
16B 74 302 305 Gold Sarah C. daughter w f October 1882 17 s       MO TN MO       at school   5 yes yes yes        
16B 75 302 305 Gold Ethel R. daughter w f September 1884 15 s       MO TN MO       at school   5 yes yes yes        
16B 76 302 305 Gold Livvia daughter w f June 1888 11 s       MO TN MO       at school   5 yes yes yes        
16B 77 302 305 Gold Ernest son w m October 1889 10 s       MO TN MO       at school   5 yes yes yes        
16B 78 302 305 Gold Lewis son w m January 1897 3 s       MO TN MO             yes yes yes        
16B 79 302 305 Gold Noah son w m January 1899 1 s       MO TN MO             no no no        


1910 Census
STATE: Missouri        COUNTY: Newton         TOWNSHIP: Newtonia         ED: 130       PAGE: 225B          DATE: May 2, 1910   
LN# Street HS# DW# FM# Name Relationship Sex Race Age S M W D Years married # children # now living Birth place Father birth place Mother birth place imm. year Nat.or Alien Eng profession industry emp. out of work # weeks out of work 1909 read write school own or rent free or mortgage farm or house farm # civil war vet blind deaf
      230 232 Weems  Phidellah V Head M W 32 M 7     Missouri Missouri Tennessee     English mail carrier? ster? route W no 0 yes yes   R   H        
            ----     Sacca C wife F W 27 M 7 4 4 Missouri Tennessee Missouri     English none         yes yes                
            ----     Ruth L daughter F W 6 S       Missouri Missouri Missouri       none             no              
            ----     Vestal H son M W 4 S       Missouri Missouri Missouri       none                            
            ----     Martin E son M W 3 S       Missouri Missouri Missouri       none                            
            ----     Glenn J son M W 1 S       Missouri Missouri Missouri       none                            


1920 Census
STATE: Missouri        COUNTY: Newton         TOWNSHIP: Van Buren         ED: 155       PAGE: 245B          DATE: February 18-20, 1920
Line # Street house # DW# FM# Name Relationship Own or Rent Free or mortgage Sex Race Age S M W D Year of Imm. Nat Year Nat School Able to read Able to write Birth Place Lang Father Birth Place Father Lang Mother Birth Place Mother Lang Speak Eng Profession Industry Emp., sal, own account # Farm
    Fm 160 161 Weems  Sacca Head R   F W 37 Wd         yes yes Missouri   Tennessee   Missouri   yes Teacher Public School W 157
            ---      Ruth  daughter     F W 16 S         yes yes Missouri   Missouri   Missouri   yes        
            ---     Vestal son     M W 14 S       yes yes yes Missouri   Missouri   Missouri   yes        
            ---     Martin son     M W 12 S       yes yes yes Missouri   Missouri   Missouri   yes        
            ---     Glen son     M W 10 S       yes yes yes Missouri   Missouri   Missouri   yes        


1930 Census
STATE: Missouri    COUNTY:  Newton      TOWNSHIP:  Newtonia       TOWN:  Stark City        DATE: April 2, 1930       ED: 73-18          PAGE: 204      
LN # Street House # DW # FM # Name Relation Own or rent home value or rent radio farm sex race age marital age 1st marr school read & write birth place father birth place mother birth place lang imm year nat or al Eng Occupation Industry Class of worker employed Ln # for unem Veteran war farm #
16     5 5 Weems  Sacca C. Head O 1500   No F W 47 Wd 20 no yes Missouri Tennessee Missouri       yes none              
17           -----    Vestal H son         M W 25 S   no yes Missouri Missouri Missouri       yes Laborer Farm W no 1      
18           -----     Martin E son         M W 23 S   no yes Missouri Missouri Missouri       yes Laborer Farm W no 2      
19           -----     Glenn P. son         M W 21 S   no yes Missouri Missouri Missouri       yes Laborer Farm W no 3      
20         Cunningham  Ruth L Daughter         F W 26 M   no yes Missouri Missouri Missouri       yes None              
21            ------     Bonnie I Granddaughter         F W 6 S   yes   Kansas Missouri Missouri       yes None              
22            ------    Gerald D Grandson         M W 3 7/12 S   no   Kansas Missouri Missouri       yes None              
23            ------    Carol C Granddaughter         F W 2 0/12 S   no   Kansas Missouri Missouri       yes None              


Autograph Books

This is a transcription of two “autograph books” belonging to Sacca Gold.

Wanda Mo
Dear Sacca
Remember well and don’t forget, you have a friend in Wanda yet.
Arie Christian

                                July 4, 1897
Miss Sacca Gold
There is a small and gentle flower
That twines around the humblest cot
And in the sad and lonely hour
It whispers low, forget me not.

                                Aug 12
When this you see
Remember me
Though I mabe far away
Remember I will not say

                    Wanda Mo   Sept 17, 1897
If you love me
As I love you
No Knife can cut our
love into
                    Irvin Borden

                            Wanda Mo March 1, 1897
Ever be constant and by
self improve
be kind and cheerful
to those you love
                            Your brother

                        Wanda Mo
Dear Sacca
Remember me when far far off
Where the woodchucks
Die with the whooping cough
                        Your friend

                        March 7th 97
Dear Cousin
Whitin this book so fair and white
Let none but friends presume to write
And may each line
With friendship given
Direct the readers thought to heaven
                                    Your cousin Florence

Friendship                 Sept 17
Dear Sacca
Remember me and bear
in mind a trusty friend
is hard to find. and when
you find one that is true change
not the old one for the new
                            Your trusty friend

                                March 8 1897
Friendship like an evergreen
Will bear the winters blast.
And still retain the flowers
Of spring when summer
Days are past

Wanda Mo                 May 2
leaves may wither flowers
may die friends may
forget you but never will i
                        Your friend

                        Newtonia Mo
Dear Sacca
When in some and
distance land you view
the writing of my hand
although my face you
cannot see, this shows
that I remember thee.
                        Your friend Virgil

                        Wanda Mo
                        Sept 15, 1897
Sacca Gold
Remember the cat Remember the kitten
Remember the one that got you the mitn
                        your friend
                        Ollie Cardwell

August 12 1897
When clouds are dark
and friends are few
Remember me
and I will you

Apples are good and pears
are better. If you love me
just answer my letter

                    Poca G. (Sacca’s sister)


Different Book

                        Stella Mo
                        Dec 16, 1901
The sea is wide and
you can’t step it and I
love you and you can’t
help it.
                        Your friend
                        PM Long

                        Wanda Mo 12/27 1900
Dearest Sweetheart Darling sugar apple dumplin
When I am far away in this cold
World alone, with no money no friend
and no home
I will shed tears for you.
Dear Sacca, if you are left alone.
For lonliness is a curse but Union
Is a bliss.
The sweetest thing in Heaven or on Earth
Is a true Lovers Kiss
                            Ever yours

                         Newtonia Mo
                         Dec 28, 1899
Dear Sacca
Our friendship has
Budded on earth.
May it blossum
In heaven.
                         May Frost
(I have a scan of this page also.)

                        Wanda Mo
                        Dec 29 – 99
Dear Sacca
“If you want a
thing well done do it your
self.” Yours in haste
                        Sallie ?
Remember the party at Mr A’s

                                Stella Mo
                                Dec 20 1901
Miss Sacca
When the golden sun is sitting
And your mind from care is free
While of others you are thinking
Will you sometimes think of me.
                        Your friend
                        Sugar Sweetie

                        Stella Mo
                        Nov 22, 1901
Miss Sacca
        Dear teacher
When trouble overtakes thee
And sorrow makes thee sad
Please think of one who thinks of thee
And longs to make thee glad.
                        Your pupil
                        Cora Wh----

                    March 22, 1900
My dear Sister
Remember me when
this you see And spark your
fellow under an apple tree
                    your brother

                    Newtonia Mo
                    March 6 1902
Friend Sacca
Remembrance is a silken
tie that ties to friends together
and if you never break this
tie we’ll be good friends forever.
                    a Friend

                    Wanda Mo
                    Dec 30 – 99
Dear Sister
Remember me when far
Away and only half awake.
Remember me on your
wedding day and send me
A piece of cake
                    Your sister

Remember me                 Jan 6 1900

Dear Sacca:-
                        Not like the
rose may our friendship wither but
like the evergreen live forever.
                        Your true friend
                        Polly X

Be Good                 Wanda
                                Jan 8 1900
but quick to perform
from your Aunt Susan


Different Book
From inside of cover

Sacca Gold
From M.H.T.

at Mr. Pogue’s Thursday night
before Christmas.
(1:00 am)

Dear Sacca
When on this page you
chance to look   Remember
it was Octavia who wrote
This in your book
                        Tavia Speak

                                Wanda Mo
                                Dec 29 1899
Miss Sacca
May your virtues ever spred like
butter on hot ginger bred I’ve looked
these pages over and over to see what
others wrote before. And in this little lonely spot I’ll here inscrib “
for me not.”
                                Remember me Miss Sacca
                                As your friend
                                Edith Weems

(Note this Edith Weems is the namesake of the Edith from Neosho who died about 1985)
(Note from Lea Ann, I think this is Phidellah’s sister who died in 1905 at age 19.)

                                Stella Mo
                                Dec 29 1899
Miss Sacca
The bright black eye the melting
blue – I cannot choose between the two
but that is dearest all the while
which wears for us the sweetest smile
                            Remember me as
                            Your friend
                            Nannie Bryan

                                Wanda Mo
Dear Cousin
Remember me dear Cousin
When on This Page you look
Remember it was Elmer who
wrote this in your book

                            Stella Mo
                            Oct 21, 1901
Dear Sacca
May you always be
happy as a bright little kitten
and never give your best fellow
the Mitten.
                            Your Friend

                            Stella Mo
                            Oct 23, 1901
Miss Sacca
When I am dead
and gone to sleep and the
Willows Over me weep it will
be than Kind Friend and not
before that I shall shing
think off the no more
                        Your Friend
                        Marvin Lentz

                            Wanda Mo
                            Xmas 29th 99
Miss Sacca
Remember me at
all times as your True
                            Phidellah V. Weems (her future husband)

  Click the image to see it larger.  This is the page that Phidellah signed.

                            At Grandmas
                            Stell Mo – Dec 26-1901
Hello Sacca
        Say I wish you was
here tonight We are having
a jolly time ---
        going on a hay ride –
                        As ever

Miss Sacca
Short the time since first I met you
Short has our acquaintance been
But I never will forget you.
Never fail to call you friend.
                    Your Friend

                            Wanda Mo
                            Jan 6 1900
Miss Sacca
Be good and you will be
                    “Old Sweetness”
                    Marv Jerk

                    Wanda Mo
Miss Sacca
Remember me early
Remember me late
Remember me at
the Golden Gate.

Wanda Mo
Miss Sacca
Whatever be in life
your lot.
I ask of you
Forget me not
                Mabel Sand.

                                        3/4 1900
Within this book so pure and white
let none but friends presume to write
And may each line of friendship given
direct the readers thouts to Heaven.
                                    Your true friend

                                Jan 6, 1900
Cousin Sacca
A woman’s love is
essentially lonely and spiritual in its
nature. It is the heathenism of the
heart. She herself has created the glory
and beauty with which the idol of
her heart stands invested.
                                Betsy’s Master.

                        Feb 6, 1900
Dear Cousin Sacca
Let us begin our heaven on earth and being
ourselves temped, let us be pitifill and considerate
and generous in judging others.
                        James Gold (Gladwyn’s father, later became Methodist preacher)



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