Weems Pictures (page 2)

Phidellah Weems                        Marvin Newton

Dr. David Larkin Weems                    Martin Alexander Weems


Phidellah Weems and Marvin Newton were cousins.  Dr. David Larkin Weems and Martin Alexander Weems were 2nd cousins.

Family tree for picture above:

1  John Weems
    +  Sarah Jones
        2  Jones Weems
            +  Bethany Pogue
                3  George Wright Weems
                    +  Nancy Vestal
                        4  Martin Alexander Weems (1847-1901)
                            +  Livvia Kenney
                                5  Phidellah Weems (1877-1911)
                        4  Mary C. Weems
                            +  William Newton
                                5  Marvin Newton (1870-1951)
        2  John Weems
            +  Martha Guess
                3  George Akin Weems
                    +  Elizabeth Lively
                        4  David Larkin Weems (1859-1930)


For the rest of the family tree; go to the Weems Family page

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