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In 1923, Alvie Cunningham married Ruth Weems in Newton County Missouri and they had 6 children, 18 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.  This website is for Alvie and Ruth's descendents who, including all of the extended and blended families, total more than 75 members. 

Cunningham Family Reunion 2002

NEW:  Brickey pictures

NEW:  Alexander C. Young's page with a letter written from him to his daughter Adaline in 1868.

NEW:  Page with pictures that were in a box from Aunt Rose Slocum Meredith.  She was a sister of Alice McClain Gold (Grandma Gold).  They also had a sister Laura Jennie (Slocum) Siler James.  Some of the pictures are from Jennie's children Jessie and Harry.

LOOK:  Sacca Gold's autograph book from 1897-1901, Newton County, MO.


Cunningham:  Our Cunningham family migrated from Virginia to Kentucky then to Fountain Co. Indiana in the early 1800's.   Alvie's grandfather, Thomas Allen Cunningham brought his family to Arkansas and Missouri in the 1860's. 

Alvie Cunningham's family tree and links to pictures .  Includes our Allen, Summers, Clark and Harrison families.


Brickey:  Mary Pietta Brickey was Alvie Cunningham's mother

Brickey family information - includes our Burgess family

Lost Brickey Cousins Page - Brickey's who live in the same area as known relatives, but I don't know how they are related.


Weems:  Our Weems family were some of the first settlers to Newton Co. Missouri in the 1830's.   

Ruth Weems Family Tree and links to pictures and articles .  Includes our Kenney family.



Sacca (Ruth's mother) Gold's family Tree and links to pictures .  Includes our Ellis families.



McClain family tree , pictures and family stories.  This is Sacca's mother Alice McClain Gold part of the family and includes the Young family.


Thornberry and Thornsberry:

Thornsberry / Thornberry Family  Although they are not my direct ancestors, relatives of my Weems, Brickey and Kenney families have married Thornberrys and some of my Burgess and Brickey families are buried at a church in Washington County, Arkansas that is named for the Thornsberry family.

New England Families from my husband's side:  

New England Families Page:  Osborn, Henville, Ward, Burrill, Reynolds, Beadle, Shaffer, Maxson, Perkins, Millard, Macfarlane, Eels (Eells), Doan and Kaplan

Family members that have links so far:

John Brickey

Mary Pietta Brickey

John (or Jonathan) Resdan Brickey

Richard Burgess

Susan Burgess

Lorena Clark

Gilford Cunningham

Joseph Cunningham

Thomas Allen Cunningham

Sacca Gold

William Ethelred Gold

Livvia A. Kenney

Alice Ruth McClain

Thomas Nelson McClain

Rose Slocum

Elizabeth Summers

Nancy Vestal

George Wright Weems

Martin Alexander Weems

Phidellah Weems

Alexander Crawford Young

Eliza Young

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